Sports, Health & Exercise Psychology


At Insider Training Europe™ we use Sports Psychology predominantly for our elite and professional athletes
however psychology plays a significant role in the success of any training programme. The relevant psychological
states that are addressed are confidence, perception of control, anxiety levels, attention/concentration levels,
motivation, commitment, enjoyment and positive emotions as the changes in these factors produce changes
in performance. Based on cognitive behavioural philosophy our aim is to uncover habitual, faulty or irrational
thinking patterns that lead to anxiety, low confidence or inability to focus on tasks at hand.

Our sports health and exercise psychologist and experienced trainers have considerable knowledge which
together, they incorporate into your bespoke personal training programme.

Your motivation is key to your success and we use psychological techniques as part of our commitment to
helping you achieve your goals.




Insider training Europe has been a revelation for me. There’s no line of heavy iron, machines, mirrors or drill sergeants. Just the ultimate exercise experience! The team are dedicated, professional, warm and passionate about getting you healthy and fit. They gave me a thorough assessment, from medical history to physical fitness tests, examining lifestyle challenges and goals to design the optimum workout and nutrition plan. They have a drive that goes beyond and above what is required and an optimism, which is catching. They want you to succeed! The best part was that it was all about me. They were there to support and encourage me every step of the way with education in the form of articles, books or related topics online and with e-mails and phone calls to make sure I kept on track. I have never felt better and in three months I have already seen changes in my energy levels, I sleep better, lost body fat and toned my muscles. I follow a more healthy and nutritious regimen and I my friends have all commented on how great I look!

Charlotte D, London.