Senior Fitness Training


Studies demonstrate that muscular strength decreases by approximately 15% per decade in the
sixth and seventh decade and 30% thereafter. Research shows that resistance training not only
slows but also reverses the aging process at the gene level. Studies also show that exercise
protects against mental decline. Furthermore significant improvements in the range of motion of
various joints can occur when stretching exercises are prescribed.

Strength and muscular power are important in maintaining functional abilities that allow us to
perform activities of daily living such as carrying groceries, getting out of a chair, taking out the
rubbish, walk up stairs, etc.

The Insider Training Europe™ team use their expertise to deliver appropriate exercise programmes
that select functional resistance, endurance, balance-training and flexibility exercises that are
specific to activities that you do during the day.

Our trainers come to you and deliver fun, safe and effective one on one sessions or
group sessions to help you improve your fitness, your wellbeing and your quality
of life.