Optimal nutrition is a vital part of our method and we supply you with a food plan calibrated to
your individual metabolic rate, culinary preferences and adapted to the demands of your lifestyle.
We support you throughout your programme and take time to get acquainted with you to empower
you to succeed with your plan, both for the short and long term.

Our training programmes are combined with personalised dietician led food plans, each of which
is based on several factors including your hormonal profile and metabolic rate. The program is
supported with proactive dietery guidance throughout. Once you have reached your initial fat loss
targets we offer you a maintenance programme to help you adhere to the healthy eating habits.

During your initial fitness assessment we offer a DNA test to analyse your calorie and nutrition
intake, the findings of which, results in a personalised report outlining the best nutrition for your
genetic profile.

Our programmes are designed specifically for you and your personalised, dietician
led, food plan is integrated into your overall programme.




The Insider Training Europe system really works. Catherine taught me about healthy nutrition, lifestyle changes and along with the training, it was exactly what I needed. At first I thought I would not succeed but it took me no time to realise that it actually works. And, it’s never too late. I am 50 and continuing to enjoy the change of lifestyle, which has given me wonderful results, both physically and mentally. Catherine, thank you.

Alexandra B, Chelsea, London.