Hypertrophy or Muscle Building


Exercise selection, intensity, weight load, frequency, rest and diet are key components to building muscle
mass and strength. Insider Training Europe™ personal trainers use a scientifically-proven method of
training which breaks down the largest amount of muscle tissue in order to encourage the layering
of new, lean muscle in its place. Our bespoke method of muscle building allows you to achieve the
greatest possible physical change over a sustained period of time.

In addition to our hypertrophy training, we are able to provide a personally tailored nutritional
plan to correctly support the physical changes for lean tissue gains.




The workouts with Catherine were intensive but so much fun that it’s turned me into a real fan! And the results were amazing. For someone who thought exercising was for crazy people, I am converted, now I’m happy to be one of them! Thank you to Catherine for getting me fit and giving me the energy to keep going.

Virginie M, Monaco.