The ITE Hedge Programme


The Insider Training Europe™ 'Hedge programme' is designed as a fat loss programme coherently
integrating three factors: sensible and accessible nutrition, metabolic workouts and insightful lifestyle
support, all delivered in just the right mix. Our trainers deliver the programme over an eight or ten-week
period with 3 to 4 sessions per week, to ensure a radical shift in body fat and gain in lean, toned muscle.
With our method, alongside your commitment, you can attain the results you never thought achievable;

The ITE Hedge programme is based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), resistance work and optimal
nutrition. With regular monitoring of your metabolic rate throughout your programme, we can turn a
previously inefficient body into a fat burning machine, so that once you become strong, lean and
flexible, you will remain so as long as you continue to adhere to our methods. Our training principles
strengthen every muscle in your body and builds endurance, creating a metabolic surge lasting hours
after your workout.


The ITE Long Only Programme

The Insider Training Europe™ ‘Long Only Programme’ is designed for anyone with a more long-term goal
of healthy eating habits and way of life. This programme is for clients who may have more weight to
lose or simply wish to maintain an ideal weight. After a body composition and metabolic rate assessment,
we devise an exercise and eating plan based on your specific calorie needs. Depending on your goals,
this programme is delivered over a 6 month period of one to two sessions per week, supporting you
through a fat loss programme, culminating in a balanced maintenance phase.

Our programmes are designed specifically for you and your personalised, dietician led,
food plan is integrated into your overall programme.




Insider Training Europe has changed the way I eat, run, sleep and basically live. I am fitter than I have been in years, have more energy, I sleep well and feel like a million bucks! I highly recommend them.

Michael J. London.