Exercise for the Management of Low Back Pain


At Insider Training Europe™, we take the necessary care to build an exercise programme to
manage your low back pain that incorporates important elements of flexibility and mobility training.

We carry out functional movement assessments to construct a profile according to how your muscle
groups work with each other and which particular muscles need lengthening or shortening. We incorporate
specific stretching techniques such as static, dynamic and PNF stretches when designing exercises
for the management of low back pain. Our assessments involve a thorough reading of your posture
which includes a plumb line assessment and thoracic curvature assessment. This also includes lumbar,
pelvic tilts and torsions assessments so that we can provide you with the appropriate corrective exercises.

The bespoke training package we will build for you will target the correct areas of the
body through focused mobility exercises, stretching or corrective strengthening




How wonderful it is to have polite, really knowledgeable and professional trainers working with you. It was nice to have someone listen to my needs and understand my schedule. I work hard and have little free time. They created the right exercise and nutrition plan to fit around my schedule and came to my house or office when needed. I found them at Insider Training Europe and I would not trade them for anything.

Rob F, Monaco.